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We advice you, absolutely, to make the DataBase. Therefore you will be able to indicate, for every song: Tempo(+/-), Key(+/-), Melody channel, Muted channels, Volume, etc. that is all those parameters that allow you to personalize every song to your preferences. Moreover you can execute searches and/or selections on all catalogued songs and other comfortable functions.

  • Do you want to create shortly your songs Database ?
    1) Menu: Database, New...
    2) Insert name of a new DB then click "Save"
    3) Back to "Music-Explorer" window clicking on the yellow folder on up-left
    4) Set to main directory of your Hard disk (ie.: C:\)
    5) Select file types you want to add (Mid, Kar, MP3, etc.)
    6) Menu: Database, Scan/Import...
    7) In opened window click on "Include Sub-Folders".
    8) Wait to read all hard disk directoryies then click on OK
    9) Wait for writing your DB....  It' ok !

  • ShortCut keys setup.
    You can modify it in "Setup" menu.
    Verify it now, will discover that it's very useful, especially during "Live music" use of the program or using "Full screen" karaoke window.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I use a laptop PC. What's the recommended configuration?
A: I recommend at least 1200Mhz and 512 Mb RAM. There should be no problem because I believe that currently less than that laptops do not do their own.
Another recommendation for the laptop: Maintain the system free! The laptops frequently charge a range of programs and modules that can slow down the performace midi. KarAll uses a variety of techniques to overcome the problem (which is the very structure of the Win 32-bit) but if it happens that the available memory is used and there is none, however, must "wait" to the Kernel free, and is the only event that can not travel "first." In this regard, one last tip: if you do Live Music, before starting, load a number of songs "empty", even without running, just load them. Thus KarAll have a way to "take measures" to the operating system and synchronized to achieve the best possible performance.
Clearly these recommendations are also useful when using normal PC.

Q: KarAll in "Music Explorer" looks like Windows Explorer ...
A: You can perform all the functions of organizing files and directories, ie: rename, copy, transfer, remove (Trash), both in single file on a multiple selection, all this directly from the program with its own resources.

Q: How can I activate the "Play-list"?
A: There are various possibilities.
1) on the current song press the key "Y" (if you do not previewed changed the shortcut, you see in the Setup menu, shortcuts ...)
2) on the current song click on "right-button of the mouse and from the secondary menu, click" Add to play list ".
3) Also from an external select 1 or more files and Drag & Drop in KarAll.
Attention! Do not drop it in "directory" transfer window otherwise it "physically" the files.
4) If you have indicated to KarAll to "register" multimedia files in a external program you can double click files and it automatically addeds to the Play-List.

Q: The program on first use I asked if I wanted to "register" the multimedia files. What means?
A: KarAll operating system can record multimedia files.
This means that when the program will be asked to "Open / Run" one of those files the program can be used KarAll priority.
In this regard, check the points 3) and 4) the previous FAQ.
Warning! If you register you can KarAll multimedia files, through the same setup at any time to restore the previous situation because the program makes a backup of the registry entries involved.

Q: The program interfaces with the Internet?
A: Sure. But you have to "register" in the operating system media files (see FAQ above).
Features for Internet use
-If your browser click a file Audio-Video (mid kar rmi wav mp3 mpg avi asf au ...) is automatically KarAll and "sound" or add it to the play-list if it is already busy doing other things.
-If you download a ZIP Automatically Extract the directory in use. This feature is handy! Just select all the ZIP files downloaded and, through the sub-menu, run "Extract from ZIP" and all the files contained all the ZIP selected will be extracted in the same directory.

Q: Can I print the text of a song?
A: by pressing the F6 key displays a window of information on the midi file that includes the text. You can print it or select and copy text to the clipboard to use it with an editor or with any other program.

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