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    For info on orders or on tech, for support request or any other type of contact please fill-in the form on the right of the page.
    Warning! For technical support on KarAll, if you have already installed the program it's preferable to ask support directly from the Help menu. This will also automatically transmit the "Status".
    Also, we advice to consult before our page of Tips-FAQs
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    You can find here many resource's links:
    • Musicians, Entertainers and DJ
    • Sites dedicated to music and musical resources
    • Singers and groups
    • Bars, Pubs, karaoke and live-music places
    • Music school, etc.

    If you have a a concerning site you can ask us to add it to our link's page filling out the form to the right of the page. (Warning: We do not control the content of linked sites. If anybody take offense or is damaged please contacts us promptly)




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