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The Future is NOW!

Looking at the diagram on the right you can see how the new system is organized KarAll Satellite and consequently it can serve and how to use it. In practice, the normal pattern of KarAll composed of PCs, peripherals and Databases management subsystem was added to the local management / remote one or more points cueing of songs and booking.
How does it work?

  • In "silently", ie providing one or more PC "Satellite" in the rooms where customers can find your favorite piece, the pre-listening on headphones and sets its tone (just like a pro!) And finally it requires reservation and dedication possible to display on mega-screen.

  • By entrusting this task to one or more music-managers who also have the management ladder. They will then them using a tablet PC and then turning the tables and invite "cause" for customers to express their "artistic talent"

  • If it is installed in the VIP subsystem of IDEA_F & F (Which can be integrated subsystem KarAll Satellite) then it is even easier, the customer may make any reservations or request piano bar and Karaoke Jukebox directly from your PC desktop!


KarAll Satellite is not just Karaoke, piano bar and can also handle the Jukebox. As almost always happens each day of the week has its programming, sometimes Karaoke, Live Music and other piano bar, quieter, if anything, other evenings accompanied by original music to listen to (or even see) as a Jukebox. Once again, you decide, whatever the evening's program "Satellite KarAll" I will join for an enjoyable and entertaining evening of your customers.
And your customers will decide the content of the program. How? Simply choosing what to sing or listen, if anything, with a dedication to their loved one.

As you can see from this picture, the situation is always under the control of the Music-manager. Each type of request: karaoke, piano bar or Jukebox is displayed with a different color evidenziadone the applicant and the precise time of execution. The MM may at any time add, delete or change the execution sequence. The customer can also make changes but only on the songs of its expertise and know exactly what time to be ready for his "performance". And if he wants to "sculpting in time" a moment or a special celebration you can record audio and video, if anything, his performance facendogliene tribute to a CD or Data-Key.

In the picture you can see the next function that allows the Music Manager or directly to the customer to find, select, pre-listen, adapt to their hue and then possibly book tracks of interest. And if it is a regular customer kept the system keeps the whole history of his performances always ready to resubmit its request.

T subsystem "Satellite" KarAll shall administer the show automatically performing the steps of reservations, pointing out the current track and the next to warn the "singer" of his next engagement. Music by automatically inserting a gap and / or video of a song and the other creating a pleasant musical continuity, but also efficient because it uses these intervals to see if any customers or dedications of advertisements prepared by the Music Manager.

Here we see two examples of display on the giant screen. The first refers to an advertisement the past during the "Music-Gap" between a song and the other, the second is during a karaoke song. Appears at the top in both the current song and the next to give the possibility to prepare for the next user. Recall that in the Music-Gap can also be displayed dedications expressly requested by the customer.

As part of our development projects we are looking for freelancers with experience of Windows also limited activity available to the organization, installation and service on a major new product. It 'a preferential current professional activity / organization in important local Music-Karaoke
The chosen ones will be allowed to attend a course to get certified for installation and servicing of applications IDEA_F & F They will also receive a demonstration of the application package and marketing materials / advertising.
If you are interested do not miss this valuable opportunity to work and write:

Here is an excerpt from the brochure of presentation of technical and commercial product aimed at owners / managers of premises concerned.
To download the complete brochure CLICK HERE


The first and only complete management system of local restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, discos, Risto-Bars, Music-Bars, etc. that is revolutionizing the market by offering a range of efficient, innovative and exclusive, previously unimaginable.

  Five modular subsystems working together for the success of your business!

Service, Main-Cash, Music, VIP Chat

Each of them gives all of himself for the sole purpose of making perfect, unique and indispensable in the future experience of your valuable customer. Each one of them at the disposal of your staff and Entertainers to make possible but also easy to service unmatched quality. Each of them work and produce to make professional and unique image of your business, not to lose sight of the proper functioning of the 'machine', to become and remain for ever "best"!

How much does F & F System IDEA?

Certainly less than you can imagine. And beyond the reasonable cost of the software and installation services, training, support and maintenance, we used the techniques for developing distributed computing that Real will not need to invest in the Super-Servers. Just prepare a proper and measured hardware.


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