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Chords finder & Song book

This function is very interesting because it allows automatically to visualize in real time the Chords included in Midi file. You can also View and print "Song-Book"

To who this function can be useful?

  • To professional musicians "to understand" the harmonic turn of a song not known and play it.

  • To who want "amused" to play the guitar, keyboard or whichever other instrument on midi song.

  • To who it wants to learn to play.
    We verified that using this aid the children and boys learn easy to set up the chords on keyboard.

  • to all the " onlookers"...


  • Visualization of Chords description
    Corrent chord and previous chords
  • Visualization of Chord set-up on keyboard
    It visualizes, coloring, the keys to use for the current chord. 
    The color of the used keys changes when a different channel comes chosen.
  • Normalized Chords
    Active/Deactive the normalization of the chord in the visualization of the keys.
    It visualizes all the keys of played notes or only base-key to form the chord
  • Scan
    It indicates to the program to execute "scanning" chords:
    C - Continuously
    B - Only to the beginning of Bars
    1 - Only on odd beats
  • Channel preset or Auto
    Manual selection of channel to analyze ( or Auto)
  • Instrument
    It visualizes the current channel number to form the chord and the description of used instrument
  • Octave
    Select left octave on keyboard visualization
  • Song Book Print
    Preview and print Lyrics and chords together


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