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Special Functions


  • *Play
  • *Pause
  • *Stop
  • *Rewind
  • *Forward
  • Specific Position
  • *Song begin position
  • *Next song
  • Display:
    Song Duration
    Current position
    Duration in Bar-Beat
    Current position in Bar-Beat
  • *All
    Automatic start of next
  • *Scan
    Play intial part for every song
  • *Random
    Random select next song
  • *Fade-Out
    Vanishes sound of current song and stop play
  • *Fade-out & Start
    Vanishes sound of current song and start next
  • Signalling imperfections in sound file
  • Song Book
    To view and printingl Song Book

  • Display executed part
  • *Direct positionig to  Marker
  • Automatic part-Loop (button)
  • * Extemporaneous index
    With repositioning on demand
  • Turbo start
    It immediately begins the execution of the song from the first note time
  • Scan time
  • Fade-out time
  • Display Markers buttons
    Optional: Always, Never, Only in "Full screen" mode
  • Video files visualization (MPG AVI ASF) on alternate screen
  • Video files visualization (MPG AVI ASF) on "Full screen" mode

(*) ShortCuts (Activated functions)

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