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Audio-Video recording

Using this function you can capture video/audio during the performance.

Technical Notes

  • Only Audio recording
    You can use the characteristics Hardware of your sound-card to record in PCM-WAV format. And later you will convert in MP3 or whichever other format using "Converi" function of Windows "Sound recorder" or whichever other program of conversion. You can also record a "Standard" Audio CD using a program released together to your CD master (ie. Roxio, Nero, etc).

  • Video/Audio recording
    You can record the video using the same WebCam that already used for chat and audio using your sound-card. Captured video is recorded in AVI format using compression Video-Audio codecs, therefore is editabile and convertibile using whichever video editor  (ie. ®Microsoft Movie Maker)

  • Audio-Video recording is available in ADVanced and PROfessional  versions while it is demo (time limited to 15 sec.) in the Junior version.

  • KarAll is a "CPU intensive" application. Means that several functionalities need of much CPU-Time to works. New recording functions also need very much CPU-Time. We executed some tests for only Audio recording using ®Pentium-III and it's ok. But for Video recording functionalities must use a ®Pentium-IV PC, at least of 2,5Ghz if use "Live-View" function. We advise you to activate the "Task manager" during the tests; if CPU-Time-used is constantly over 75% the functions could have problems and loss  part of the captured Audio-Video data or  slowing or stop 'application. Moreover, if the captured video seems type "Slow-Motion" don't depend from program oy from operating system, normally it depends on the WebCam that does not have the characteristics to captuire a sufficient number of photograms for second (norm. 15 fps); you can check for this problem from capture  statistics if a high percentage of photograms discarded.

  • Recording functionalities depends completely from some Windows modules, drivers of the Sound-card/Webcam and Audio-Video "Codecs" installed on your PC. In some cases could be  errors for incompatibility between they or for not Windows certification. We have noticed that  several codecs (MP3, DivX, XVid, etc.) are usually more stabler in Windows XP/NT/2000 rather than Windows 95/98/Me. In some case you can try to solve problems installing newest version or changing combination of Audio/Video Codecs.

  • We advise you to use a little time bit first time you use this functionalities to "Tuning" system
    Don't worry, it's not very difficult !




  • Stop 
    Stop recording
  • Record
    Start recording
  • Save
    Save captured Audio/Video
  • Options
    Option control panel
  • Audio activate
    Actives Audio recording modality
  • Video activate
    Actives Video recording modality
  • Photo click
    Click a photo, save and transfer on karaoke windowbackground
  • Video Preview 
    To view captured video scene in a smalle window to regulate capture parameters
  • LiveView
    To view video scene on background in  Karaoke window. Can view also on alternate video (Tele)  with a spectacular effect!
    Warnig! This function require very much CPU-Time (See Notes)


  • Audio Format
    To choose audio format and quality characteristic
  • Recording only on Hardware format
    To limit audio format only on hardware supported format
  • Record Mixer
    To choose audio source and recording level
  • Audio property
    To choose sound-card source and characteristics


  • Video driver
    To choose video driver source
  • (1)Video source
    To choose video/Foto camera source
  • (1)Video Format
    To choose video format (RGB, etc) and video dimension
  • (1)Video Display
    To choose display modality
  • (1)Video Compression
    To choose video codec for compression
  • (1)Active video overlay
    To activate Overlay software from video driver

(1) This function completely depends from specific video driver software, some could be not available.

  • Ask for compression on activate
    To choose video codec for compression on video capture activate.
    Use it if driver software don't "remember" last used codec.
  • Capture Audio
    To activate Audio recording on video capture.
  • Capture rate
    Number of photogram to capture every second (Frame Per Second)
    Default value 15 -It strongly depends from Photo/video camera characteristics
  • Preview rate
    Number of photogram to capture every second (Frame Per Second) durind video preview.
    Warnig! This parameter is used also for the function "LiveView" and it influences a lot CPU-Time used (
    See Notes)
  • Max video recording time
    Max tim for video recording.


  • Operation at capture end
    Control to execute for the captured audio-video.
    Warning! If you choose "No check to save" the program can begins a new one capture session without to verify the previous one.

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