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Midi output



On single channel

  • Program change 
    (change instrument) with possibility to choose Bank
  • Drum change 
  • Controllers change
    (Volume, Pan, Chorus, Reverb)
  • Mute
    Audio-channel muting
  • Solo
    Exclusive audio on channel
    with possibility to choice the Volume of other channels (you can see "Options")
  • Lock/Unlock channel 
    (Volume and instrument)
  • Set melody default
    (only on
  • Set to original 


  • *General volume

  • Controllers change
    (Volume, Pan, Chorus, Reverb and other 4

  • *Transpose 
    Key change

  • *Tempo change

  • *Melody On/Off
    Active/Deactive melody channel

  • Panic
    Reset all sounds 

  • *Drums/Bass solo
    Active/Deactive Drum/Basso channels in "Solo" mode

  • Output Device
    Set midi-out device
  • Midi device type
    characteristics of the used midi instrument (GM GS XG)
  • Off bank patch transmit
    Deactive special midi instrument Banks
  • Reset on Song-Start
    Send reset on start
  • Reset delay time
    Time delay for Sysex Reset
  • Sysex Out
    Acttive/Deactive Sysex send 
  • Tempo rate change
    Increase/decrease "Tempo" value for executed songs
  • Key change
    Increase/decrease "Key" value for executed songs
  • Solo out chan level
    Volume level in "solo" mode
  • Coloured bar on channels
    Active/Deactive coloured display of sound levels
  • Expand Volume/Intensity
    Espand Volume/Intensity to max, respecting the relation between they.
  • Skip redundant final data
    Delete final parts of the songs if they do not contain notes
  • Auto load/lock default program (Melody)
    Actives default melody instrument for every song
  • Melody
    • Default program
      Default midi instrument
    • Melody default channel
      Default melody channel
      It's used for melody "Muting", automatic sillables and other functions.
      Normally it is on channel nr. 4
      For special cases it can be corrected in the DataBase
    • Volume default
      Default used Volume
    • Auto Load/Lock default program
      Actives default melody instrument for every song
  • Vocalist
    • Default channel
      Used to recognize if it's a Vocalist trackand for l'Emulation
    • Emultator default program
      Default midi instrument

(*) ShortCuts activated

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